Monday, August 25, 2014

Mighty Corp double up tobacco purchases

A cigarette manufacturing company announced it would double its purchase of tobacco from five million to 10 million kilos this year, which would boost the income of farmers in the area, the president of the National Federation of Tobacco Farmers Association and Cooperatives (NAFTAC) said.
NAFTAC president Mario Cabasal said the announcement of Mighty Corp was expected to break the farmers’ dependence on giant tobacco companies, who enter into contract with farmers to make them plant high nicotine varieties.
“The farmers now have a buyer for low-grade tobacco,” Cabasal said.
Mighty Corporation, a Filipino company, produces low-priced brand of cigarettes, which are popular among the masses. The company provided farmers 83 units of water pumps and 16 hand tractors.
The company also sponsored 100 college scholarship for children of tobacco farmers in La Union. It signed partnership agreements with farmers at the Hotel Ariana in Bauang, La Union last February 8.
Mighty Executive Vice President Oscar Barrientos said the company will compete with the giant tobacco companies in the purchase of tobacco, which they needed as cigarette filler.
Edgardo Zaragosa, Administrator of the National Tobacco Administration, welcomed the entry of Mighty Corporation in the market, “which is good because competition in tobacco trading will help farmers, especially if the price is right.”
“If Mighty is absent, we will be having problems selling tobacco,” Zaragosa said.

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